GRAND LARK OTEL  aims to meet the needs of our customers in the most efficient way, who want to protect their reputation with excellent service quality. Our work over all these years has helped us gain the experience that drives us to improve today. We aimed for a more efficient operation, therefore, we also participated in sustainability efforts in line with legal regulations and we try to reduce the negative effects that may occur during our services. Therefore, in order to ensure our commitment as a responsible company, we care about protecting our natural resources, heritage (character, traditions, culture) by obtaining the Sustainable Tourism Certificate, conveying the importance of working in this direction to our guests, and training our employees so that they can fulfill their duties.

Our mission is to fully meet the needs of our customers in Istanbul and fulfill our commitment to protect the environment, our resources and our culture as a sustainable service provider. Environmental, social, cultural, economic, quality, human rights, children’s rights, women’s rights and gender equality, health, safety, To provide a tourism operation that prioritizes risk and crisis issues.

Our Vision To protect our reputation and legacy of compliance with quality service and respect for the environment.



Environmental regulations We started our activities on four pillars: energy saving, water saving, correct management of solids, waste and suppliers.

1 – Energy We organized information campaigns and trainings among employees for energy saving. Using equipment in low power mode. Replacing with energy-efficient equipment. Installing energy saving bulbs. Unplugging unused electrical systems. We make the most of natural light. We provide a good lighting standard in lighting systems. We have an internal policy that includes measures to save energy.

  2 – Water We organized information campaigns and trainings among employees to save water. We provide information to users to avoid drips. We monitor monthly water consumption. We have an internal policy that includes measures to conserve water.

  3 – Proper treatment of solid waste We have a formal waste management program that ensures materials are separated and handed over to a facility for formal recycling. We train our employees by introducing concepts, practices and policies.

4 – Consumption of products We have a purchasing policy that gives priority to environmentally friendly products (biodegradable, reusable, recyclable products). We use recycled paper or cardboard. We’ve created an updated list of suppliers, including eco-friendly, local and fair trade companies.


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